About Tombeaux

Tombeaux is a first-person exploration game set in a historically accurate 3D environment. Currently being developed as a solo art, design, and research project by Dave Beck, this interactive historical experience investigates the convergence between cultures and the environment across a few hundred years of midwestern American history. The game takes place on a small section of the St. Croix River (which acts as a border river between Minnesota and Wisconsin). Through exploration, the player discovers various unique objects, environments, and narratives, all of which cause reflection upon our history and our future.

Unique points about the game:

  • Realistic exploratory world
  • Historically researched and presented narrative and events
  • Environment transforms in reaction to progress in game
  • Game Audience: All ages, including non-gamers and gamers
  • Focus Issues: The human nature to desire control, environmental awareness, and historical consequence
  • The game is meant to be an artistic experience & concept for the player
  • Tombeaux is being developed in Unity and planned for release in 2016
  • Solo Project by Dave Beck



Latest Blog Posts

In the News

A recap of recent press about Tombeaux, via both newspaper and radio. Articles by Pioneer Press, Duluth News Tribune, and Volume One, as well as a radio interview with Wisconsin Public Radio.

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Supporting Characters and Their Voices

While a picture might be worth a thousand words, I have a feeling that a thousand words spoken by the right person – someone who possesses the talent and training to properly deliver a line – is worth even more.

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